Curves abound, the classic sofa designs of Vladimir Kagan boast smooth, sensuous lines with an unparalleled flair. The variety of styles and sizes ensures that there is a Kagan sofa to perfectly compliment every space.

Park Avenue Sofa

Sofa P13

Korduda Sofa

Serpentine Sofa

Serpentine Sofa with Arm

Freeform Sofa

Freeform Sofa with Arm

Mini Sofa

Mini Sofa with Arm

Shorty Sofa

Shorty Sofa with Arm

Sloane Sofa

New Moon Sofa

Floating Curved Sofa

Fifth Avenue Wide Angle

Fifth Avenue Angled Sofa

Fifth Avenue Sofa

Venetian Sofa

Unicorn Sofa

Swan Sofa

L Shaped Swan Back Sofa

L Shaped Swan Back Sofa on Wood Base

Omnibus I

Omnibus II

Omnibus III